Digital Portfolio

Hi, my name is Cam. I am the Athletic Director and Facility Use Manager for a Public School District in Massachusetts.

I hope to showcase my vision, resume, and portfolio. Please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me anytime!

Professional Experiences at a Glance

Managed Event Scheduling, Staffing, and Facility Use Requests

Oversaw Hiring, Scheduling, Budget Preparation, Promotion, Compliance, and Facility Management

Launched Inclusive Programming and Hosted Regional Events in Partnership with Special Olympics

Developed Capital Expenditure Plans and Provided Oversight of Construction Projects

Coordinated Residential Life and Facilitated Conference Groups, Weddings, and Retreats

Redesigned Curriculum and Contributed to Academic Excellence and Award Winning Success

Transformed the Educational Experience for Students

Energized the Community with Culture-Focused Leadership

Demonstrated Attention to Detail while Maintaining Rapport with Grocery Customers and Regional Management

Leveraged Technology to Streamline Operations and Grow Business