My name is CAMERON FISK, and it is a pleasure to welcome you here and introduce myself.  

I created this online portfolio to showcase my professional experiences and skills, while also using it as a way of documenting this amazing journey that I am on!  

Professional Experiences at a Glance

Achieved Revenue Goals, Streamlined Operations, Contributed to Award-Winning Success

Instructed Courses within the Department of Human Performance and Movement Sciences

Assembled Top-Rated Staff, Mentored Student Leaders, Revitalized School Culture and Programming

Implemented Marketing Strategies, Provided High Quality Service and Sales Experience

Strengthened Community Relationships, Leveraged Technology to Improve Event Scheduling, Negotiated Facility Use Contracts

Organized Event Operations and Media Promotion, Oversaw Department Scheduling, Leveraged Technology to Streamline Operations

Facilitated Conferences and Retreats, Coordinated Group Events, Managed Summer Residential Life 

Launched Inclusive Unified Sports Programming, Hosted Regional Events in Partnership with Special Olympics

Redesigned Curriculum, Contributed to Academic Excellence and Award-Winning Success 

Demonstrated Attention to Detail, Organized Inventory as Expected, Maintained a Positive Rapport with Team and Store Management

Transformed Student Educational Experience, Energized the Community with Culture-Focused Leadership